Gorgeous Cantilever Home in Melbourne with Open Plan Living Room

There is always something that we feel when looking to a cantilever home nearby. The feeling of eerie, worry, and a little bit afraid are always popping out in our mind upon looking at it, which is a natural reaction of our brain to something that we feel as unstable and will fall down soon. However, the latest technology of cantilevered home structure ensures us that it will not fall down just like what we think before, and the idea of having cantilevered structure is getting more popular nowadays especially for those who love extreme things.

Actually, the cantilever home design is not an extreme thing anymore it has been a common thing that we often see in contemporary house. The idea of having cantilevered home structure is liked because of its unique appearance, as shown in our example from suburban area of Melbourne below. From this Coronet Grove residence, we can see on how the cantilevered living area looks so beautiful with zinc cladding over the spacious backyard and swimming pool, making it so interesting to see.

The home was been designed by Maddison Architects, and contained 5 bedroom for a big family to live. As you can see on the pictures, the home is well-decorated by modern accessories, making it not only attractive to see, but also wonderful to live in the entire life. The exterior is fulfilled by natural material, including the wooden deck and wooden outdoor seating area. The same thing also can be found in its interior, especially on the cantilevered open-plan living area with wooden cladding on its entire surface.

The living area itself houses 3 different spaces for living room, dining room, and minimalist kitchen. The edgeless space is bordered by unique transition on the ceiling, dividing the area into different function. The living area is beautiful with black dining sofa and two beautiful modern chairs, while across the room there are a fabulous white dining set just next to the wooden staircase. At the end, this cantilever home plans is just too beautiful to see, making it so interesting to live all the time.

Picture Gallery of the Gorgeous Cantilever Home in Melbourne with Open Plan Living Room

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