Fresh Green Wall Decorates a Contemporary House as a Bright Catcher

Having a contemporary and natural house will give you a special pleasure while living. But, decorating your house with a green wall will make complete, for it is giving you fresh feel. Just like a 130 square meter house designed by Hideo Kumaki Architect Office in Saitama, Japan, its backside wall is adorable with oblique greens that seem like an air filter and a bright catcher.

Below the wall, there are white garden chairs with a table covered by squared pattern tablecloth. It will be nice to have meals or just relax here. The wall makes the air fresh and makes what’s beneath it shaded. Even the wall can lower the temperature on the space beneath approximately 10 degrees Celsius.

When the sun shines towards the wall, the wall catches and absorbs the bright. Thus, the green plant gets fresher and nice in sight. Briefly, feeling the fresh air, shaded space, and looking at the fresh green are some of green wall benefits.

This nice wall can be seen directly from the back parts of the house: an elongated room that consists of a kitchen, dining room, and a family room; all without partition and completed with large windows. Just like the most parts of the house, this room is having natural ventilation, made of a large sliding glass door that can be opened and closed whenever you want.

From this door and the large windows, the natural impression feels strong that you can feel the air filtered by the green wall outside, and the light is freely coming through the room. The dining table is made of wood, while the family room in the corner is set with dark blue sofas. Beside the sofa, the wall is painted in blue sky colour and it is connecting the room to another part.

Another impressive thing of the wall you will see is that it is grown like a curtain, and it ends on a land covered by neatly set of green grass. A higher land formed like a small hill adorned the centre part of this garden. You can have your own designed green wall plants.

Picture Gallery of the Fresh Green Wall Decorates a Contemporary House as a Bright Catcher

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