fence gate design images for minimalist house

Pals ,this time to share a picture of fence design of minimalist home . Now people prefer home design with minimalist concept . In addition to the factors of limited land , the simple and elegant design is the factor that makes the community enjoys this design .

One of the important essence in managing the house minimalist house design minimalist fence . Fence minimalist concept basically indicates that simple geometric shapes such as vertical and horizontal lines . A fence outside the house exterior decoration – which is one of the important aspects . Fence is used as a barrier between the outside of the house to the inside of the house , especially in the garden . In addition to the fence as well as home decor can be a element of your home security . Fence can be made ​​of various materials both natural materials such as bamboo and wood or artificial material . If you combine minimalist design with natural or eco-friendly will be very harmonious when made ​​fence made of bamboo or wood . But you should not worry because although made ​​of wood or bamboo fence apparently can also look attractive .

Should be to maintain a balance between the security fence and the beauty of the house , there are several factors you should consider before making a fence to where you live , one of which is to put up a fence with an ideal size .

Perhaps you are wondering how high the fence is ideal for the home ? The ideal size for a high fence is a fence minimalist house no more than 1.5 meters and the most ideal measuring 1.2 square meters with a width of fence adapted to the type of material used . If you already know what the ideal size for your minimalist fence , choose the model also fence in accordance with the existing architecture of the house so that the suitability and synchronization between the two. Do not build the fence is too high , and add a safety lock to strengthen the functions of the fence Minimalist home .

There are a few things you need to consider in designing the fence . The first is the concept of harmony with the design of the house . Second , choose the appropriate fencing material , such as wood , metal and even plants . Last thing you need to consider the color selection . Fence color should match the color of the house .

Here we present some deas picture minimalist fence models that can be used as inspiration in designing your dream house fence .

Picture Gallery of the fence gate design images for minimalist house

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