Fascinating House Design With Natural Materials

Wonderful house look will make you feel more comfortable inside it. There are many people who are trying to make their house as comfortable as it can be by using the best house design. In each part of the house, you have to put some details which will beautify the room.

Joining the different elements together will make a unique look for your room. In the Devil is in the Details project, gronlund dare partnership want to give you a clear beauty of the details.

When you are using the wooden pillar in the house, you can put some big iron bolts. Let the bolts come out and easily seen in the wooden pillar. These different elements will give you the unique look.

It will make your wooden ceiling more appealing. This interesting detail will be suitable for the custom house design. You can also make your wooden stairs more interesting with placing the iron handle.

Not only for the interior, but the detail can also be made on the exterior. Combining the brick wall, you can use the hardwood floor. Since there is some grey element in the brick wall, you can use grey as the color of your window frame. The grey framed windows will make the look of your custom house more wonderful. Wooden wall can also be combined with the grey concrete wall. It will make some unique detail in your exterior.

Wooden ceiling on the outside can be combined with the grey panel. This shining panel will make the interesting contrast with the wood material. There are still so many fantastic details which you can found in this awesome project. Almost all of the materials are the natural materials which can be combined with the modern material. Applying these details in your house design 2013 can make it looked more amusing.

Picture Gallery of the Fascinating House Design With Natural Materials

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