Fantastic Solar House in Wooden Touch in United State of America Award

The themes of this solar house in USA are cost-effective, energy-efficient, and attractive. The first house is in black solar panels roofing a simple rectangle home in wooden walls. The facade looks so nice arranged with the planters about the lower wooden fence. The interior of this solar energy house is also magnificent with half wooden floor and half black tiles. The glass wall accommodates to put planters inside supporting the remarkable interior design.

The second house is symmetric construction of artistic wooden solar house in brown. The entrance door becomes the center of the symmetric design. The interior inside is predominantly by wooden walls and combined wooden furniture. Stripe wooden floors are nicely refined according to the room space. In the front space you may see the pale brown color floor, in the bathroom you will serve brown color combination of stripe assembled wooden floor.

The third performance is by a white American home style. The wooden construction is painted in pale white under harsh gray tiles roof. The solar panels seem to camouflage with the grayish roof. The interior employs the bold concrete walls in white painting and sleek wooden floor. Contemporary wooden furniture fills the room space of this efficient house. The lighting adds more delicate nuance in every space. The soft glow is produced by the solar energy.

Among furry and swaying plants an artistic design of solar energy living home is standing gallantly. The roof is angle in to the center of the building. The same with the other three solar house, the forth also employs wooden material as the environmentally safe material. Striated wooden floor greets you with a splendid floor theme design in dark-striated pattern of timber. Those four houses can be a remarkable solar house design model for future efficient housing.

Picture Gallery of the Fantastic Solar House in Wooden Touch in United State of America Award

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