Fantastic Residence Architecture With Contemporary Furniture

Staying in the modern house which is completed with the contemporary furniture can be a good thing. There are many kinds of interesting furniture and details which can be placed in the house.

Contemporary ornaments will increase the look of your residence architecture. Vancouver House by gronlund dare partnership can be a good example of the house which you can use as the inspiration. With many fascinating details, this house will amaze you.

From the white ceiling, you can hang the Chinese style lamps which can make your house looked fascinating. The white lamps are very suitable with the wide glazed windows. A black cabinet is placed near the white wall.

This contrast makes this house more interesting. These contemporary lamps sure will catch your eyes. It is also become the important part in this residence architecture design. Looking at these lams will make you feel wonderful.

Besides the lamps, there is also a contemporary stairs which made with interesting detail. With wooden footsteps this stairs looked natural. It is changed with the iron handle on it. Glass panels are completing the look of this cotemporary stairs.

Hardwood floor is used in this house. On the ceiling, you can see many glass panels which are used as the replacement of the ceiling. With these glass panels, the house will get enough light from the sun.

The alleyway in this house is also interesting. You can walk on the hardwood floor and the concrete floor while seeing the beautiful garden. There are many floor-to-ceiling windows in this house.

This way, you can safe your lighting in the day. Seeing the beautiful panoramic view from inside the house will also be easier this way. White color is dominating this house’s design. There is a white themed bathroom in this residence architecture 2013 which will give you a good bathing time.

Picture Gallery of the Fantastic Residence Architecture With Contemporary Furniture

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