Fancy Vacation House in Swiss Combining Classic and Minimalist Concept

Who need vacation house? Everyone needs it. For some people, to have a dedicated holiday house is a must. It is not only about having your very own place to stay while on the vacation, but also a good investment. Imagine about having a house in such relaxing and quiet area which maybe in couple of decades will be doubled or tripled on its price. What an investment, right?

Talking about the design, actually it is pretty much influenced by the location. If you have a beach house for example, tropical style is a good choice to make your house blended with the surrounding. Something with ethnical elements and natural stuffs; that must be something attractive, right?

What about mountain house? If you are currently looking for some inspirations for your mountain house, maybe you can try to look at this minimalist vacation house in Swiss that is very inspiring.

This house is located in Leis town, Swiss with beautiful Alps Mountain surrounding. Even before looking at the interior design of the house, this perfect location is already stealing the attention.

Inspired by modern minimalist design, the exterior of the house looks quite simple with wooden cladding and natural brown colour from the wood material. Peter Zumthor as the designed was meant to create a comfortable yet visual entertaining mountain house for staying while on the vacation.

The interior feels so warm and glowing because of the timber that used for the building structure. The inside of the house looks very spacious because of the minimalist room layout that used.

The use of sliding glass door facing the mountain is also a great idea to get the beautiful environment surrounding into the interior design. And even though it looks small from the outside, once you go inside you will see that everything is well designed inside. What an awesome vacation house inspiration, right?

Picture Gallery of the Fancy Vacation House in Swiss Combining Classic and Minimalist Concept

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