Exotic Blend with Nature House Design in the Middle of Palm Dessert

Who says that blend with nature house design must be located in the middle of green area or wooded land? If you see the complete display of this building, you will think twice about that perception, guys. Creative designer of this private house has proved that blended house with nature can be built up in dry land, in the middle of desert! Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome this super sensational house that is special posted for you.the Palm Desert Residence!

This residence is preciously designed by a Seattle-based architecture, the Heliotrope Architect. And this amazing strong up-to-date house is spends not more than 4.000sqt lands to be built up. You can find out this sensational house in Palm Desert, Riverside Country, California. Well, the blend with nature architecture will be directly seen when you notice the exterior. The frontage, entryway, the gate, the construction, the middle side and the backmost side are full of unexpected shocking effect that will escort everyone who sees it feels like walk above the sky.

The most exotic section of this building is the back yard. This section will directly face up the hillside and green area that surrounds the house. Outdoor pool here is the centerpiece and that small lake in the middle of pasture is another conventional beauty of nature. Talk about the construction materials which are used to manufacture this premium building are natural local stone, concrete, glass, wood, and metal. Move backwards, we have seen that facade and backside of the house is full of those elements, so does the interior performance. Furthermore, as well as possible, stainless steel and has been inserted within to add perfection. Kitchen is the example.

This two storey house also built up to maximize the outdoor living space without intending to trifle away the beautiful landscape outside. This veranda, the outdoor pool, the terrace and the outdoor sitting space are realization how natural blend house plan so much respected.

Picture Gallery of the Exotic Blend with Nature House Design in the Middle of Palm Dessert

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