eco firendly house with garden ideas & outdoor living area

Good home with garden not just judged a great view of the facade or sturdy structure . But the good thing is that is also able to accommodate healthy living for its residents . Surely you agree , that healthy living is the house clean, neat , and has good air circulation .One way to create a healthy home is to make a small or large gardens around and inside the house . Garden at home has many benefits in terms of health and beauty . Here we will describe the benefits of the garden at home . Among others are:

1 . Giving Aesthetic Value

A garden at home will give a different touch . With the garden , the house will look more beautiful and beautiful , and can present the impression regardless of indoor spaces .

2 . Natural lighting

Garden at home can be a place to soak up the sun , so that natural light can be optimized , and it can save electricity usage during the day .

3 . Streamlining Air Circulation

Space must adhere to good cross ventilation system or air to flow straight from one side to the other . With the existence of the park , this system will be easy to implement . A healthy home is created when air flows smoothly in the house .

4 . For Removing The Weary

Feelings of anxiety, stress or other feelings of discomfort typically caused by a monotonous activity . So , the park as a natural space can be a place to get some fresh air at the same time release the fatigue .

5 . Suppliers Hobbies

For some people with hobby farming , especially for housewives , garden at home will allow them to channel his hobby without having to leave the house .

There were a few things that should be considered in making a garden at home , are as follows :

a. Determination of the theme . The first step in designing a garden that must be done is to determine the theme that will be applied before proceeding to another stage . Common theme that is currently being reference including : Japan , Bali , Tropical , and minimalist .

Instead, the theme should be adjusted to determine the land area . When a large enough land available , you can choose the model type of landscape gardens with themes as diverse as Bali , or Japan . However, if the available land is limited , you should choose a theme as simple as a minimalist model with little detail in design. The theme has been chosen to serve as a reference for selecting plants , flowers or ornaments that supports the theme selected .

b . The second preparation needs to be done is the installation construction . Electricity and water installations should be designed so it is safe and does not interfere with the design and activities at the park . Especially if the park will be held pond with fountain .

c . The next stage is the selection of plants .

Plants in the garden are also called softscape . Softscape need to be selected carefully and adjusted the conditions of park land provided, the intensity of the sun , as well as air temperature and humidity .
For example , if the location of the park will be exposed to plenty of sunlight , you should choose a strong plant to sunlight , because otherwise it will cause the plants do not thrive or die .

Park would look attractive if you have plants that vary . Choose plants that vary in terms of size , type , or color , so it is not monotonous . Color in plants emerge from the flower color or leaf color . Also , it is important to keep attention to the harmony of plants laying position so the garden looks neat and interesting .

d . Hardscape election . The garden will look beautiful and attractive if other than the game is done well softscape Hardscape proper election . Hardscape include: potted plants , rocks , sand and other supporting objects will give the impression of the park . If the determination has been made ​​the theme parks , the game softscape and hardscape will be easier to do .Hardscape game related to the budget should be allocated . Therefore the exact calculation of the budget related to the careful design .

e . The last point of the park is planning the lighting or lighting . Proper lighting will give a wonderful impression , especially at night . Examples of lighting that can be done for example by installing garden lighting or spotlights that exploits a garden plant as its focus . With the lighting is you can still enjoy the beauty of the park and a cool atmosphere at night .

The existence of the park in the area is a positive step in response to the current global warming issues . So many benefits derived from the use of land as a park . So , let’s reate a dream garden for your dream home.

Picture Gallery of the eco firendly house with garden ideas & outdoor living area

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