Creative Paper Wall Design Applied in Old School Built in 1907

The paper wall design is actually is not a new design to be applied in a building. Like what we have now in the picture, the school which built in 1907, has different model and design. This school is creatively applied a very big paper wall design which looks like a big paper in irregular shapes sticks on the wall n the left side of the building. Here, we have some pictures about this paper wall design and the school interior design.

Look at the picture. Standing in a spacious area, the building is painted in white color with irregular shaped of paper wall in the left side of the building. The building is designed with a very brilliant idea. Built in 1907, people will not expect that the building has this beautiful architecture design. Look at the picture. The wall is designed in difficult way. We can not imagine how cool the building at that time because it looks cool and stylist until this time. This is a very brilliant paper wall design ideas.

When we come into the building, the interior design looks very lovable and cool. With stylist design ideas, the room gives us a proof that one of the greatest architecture design in the world, can be found here. Like what we see in the picture, the room is dominated in creamy white color with creamy white ceiling. The floor is made from granite materials in creamy white color and the surface looks glossy.

In some part of the building, the floor is made from wooden materials in bright brown color with white ceiling. The wall is made from glass materials with black wooden materials as boarders. This is a very great design of building. The building combines the modern and contemporary design that gives you different accent and nuance. Paper wall design pictures like these are incredibly awesome.

Picture Gallery of the Creative Paper Wall Design Applied in Old School Built in 1907

Wonderful White Crinkled Wall with Rich Texture on ItWide Space with White Wall and Hardwood FloorUnusual Interior Design Inside with Wooden Wall and Concrete BeamsUnique Crinkled Wall with White Color in the CityLovely Crinkled Wall Extension in the High White BuildingInteresting View Room with White Wall, Wooden Floor and Wide WindowsImpressive Interior in Irregular Shape with Concrete Ceiling and FloorCustom Landscape Style with Green Plantations and Green GrassBrilliant Orientation Design Plan for the Rooms insideBrief Design Plan for the Attrative Building With many LevelsAwesome White Crinkled Wall Extension from Side ViewAttractive View Outside from the Glass Windows in the BuildingAppealing School Extension Building with White Crinkled WallAmazing Details Design Plan with Fascinating Patio and Yard

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