Cozy Residence Interior With Natural Furniture

Using the natural material will make you feel more comfortable. The wooden furniture becomes an interesting part in the comfortable residence interior which can be used in your house. To make it more appealing, you will need to see the example of the fascinating interior design from the expert. The Kaanapali, Maui residence by Sandra Tengan Interior Design, LLC is the interesting example which you can use as he inspiration.

On the living room, you will see a high wide wooden cabinet which is complete with many open shelves. You can see a wide flat screen TV in the center of this cabinet. Many ornaments are placed on the other shelves.

Facing the TV, there is a long L-shaped sofa. This brown sofa is completed with many colorful cushions. A rattan chair with brown lather is placed next to the sofa. A black oval table is completing this living room residence interior design.

Behind the sofa, you can see the kitchen and dining room space. Wooden kitchen cabinets are used in the kitchen. A long wide wooden kitchen island is placed in the center of this U-shaped kitchen.

In this kitchen, there is also a wooden counter which completed with some wooden stools. It can be another space for you to eat. Next to the kitchen, the dining space is available. An oval wooden table is placed there. Many brown chairs are placed around it.

In the bedroom, you will see the brown bed with artistic quilt and unique cushions on it. Wooden cabinet is placed next to the bed. On another bedroom, you can see the wooden bed with white lather and brown quilt.

Many brown cushions are placed on the bed. Two wooden cabinets are placed on the sides of this bed. Brown propeller is installed from on ceiling. Hardwood floor make this bedroom residence interior 2013 more appealing.

Picture Gallery of the Cozy Residence Interior With Natural Furniture

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