Contemporary Style Kitchen Designs Ideas

Are you on planning to have an open kitchen like in the picture? Fresh and cozy with the glass of sliding doors that connected to the balcony and absolutely has a spectacular mountain range. I would like to call the kitchen as a Dream Kitchen. Sometimes we need another element that has a new and fresh look. We can use a horizontal palette from the wooden finishing. It also stands as mounted cabinets to put some accessories or kitchen’s utensils. And for the counters, we can apply white color and dark marble as the counter top. The dark laminating flooring also looks gorgeous in the kitchen.

What is the most fascinating part of the picture? I must admit that the visual trick of the symmetrical furniture position really works. When I wrote this article, believe me, I thought that the picture is separated. After looked at it closer, I realized that it still a picture, not double. Let’s start with the using of dark color on the cabinets and the appliances. Black is a perfect color as a combination with pale colors of the ceramic flooring and stylish wall. Enjoy your cooking time with the trendy kitchen counters that accommodate a modern stove and a sink.

A shiny ceiling reflects every light in the kitchen. White still dominantly appears in this gorgeous kitchen. The white cabinetry system shows an elegant style with the counters that has an exclusive element on top of it. Dark granite as the countertop guarantees a luxury impression to the kitchen with the long lasting and clean characteristics. It becomes more fascinating because the kitchen also accommodates a dining area. A glass dining table and long chairs add the valuable and elegance impressions to the kitchen.

There is no one can avoid the “magic” in this lovely kitchen. You will be hypnotized by the beauty and the powerful of the elegant details in this kitchen. Pale color of the floor, refrigerator, backsplash and kitchen counters become a great decision to create a cool impression in the white kitchen. You may also apply the maroon shades for another side of the wall and the appliances. Everything comes more beautiful with the using of decorating lamps in the kitchen.

A modern minimalist kitchen now appears in a high touch of the designer and artist. A unique interior design from the partition in the room becomes very artistic. Who knows that we can create a little place to put the kitchen stuff in the sophisticated partition? Another interesting element in the kitchen is the using of solid wooden material as the flooring and contemporary dining table. Mahogany wood is an exclusive element in the architecture, creates a warm, strong, and long lasting material to the table. Let’s invite some friends to enjoy a delightful dinner.

Picture Gallery of the Contemporary Style Kitchen Designs Ideas


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