Contemporary Living Room Alive with Inspiration

Everyone who loves stripped zebra theme for the furniture should apply the zebra printed sofa as your furniture. Black and white colors fit with every concept. Besides, the wide glass window let the sunshine go through to the room. It makes the living room more alive. Who says that you can’t put so many furniture in your small living room? Sometimes it feels annoying when we have small rooms of our house. But don’t worry. We offer you many tricks that you can apply in your living room spaces. Pale colors should be dominant in your living room, although you still need a dark brown touch for some furniture. It helps you to give a brighter and larger living room.

What makes that room so warm even in winter? Yes. The using of brown laminating flooring and carpet create a warm impression in the living room. It looks simple, but had a special benefit to the people who lives in. You can apply the same concept in your living room. Peach is another color to show the elegant objects of the house, including the wall color and sofas. The warm impression appears from the using of wide glass sliding doors that reflect the sunshine into the room. What a recommended living room’s type for all of you!

Some people believe that in Feng Shui, Buddha statues are used to assist the chi energy move throughout your home. Many Buddhist apply the praying altar or put a Buddha statue as the decoration. But, you don’t have to be a Buddhist to apply the same concept. Even the collectors of antique furniture sometimes put the rare Buddha statue in their luxurious house. Relax your body on the grey sofa beds and keep it warm with the modern design of the dark laminating flooring the living room. Spending your enjoyable moment with your family in this room while you watch some films on the TV stand or read some stories.

Picture Gallery of the Contemporary Living Room Alive with Inspiration


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