Comfortable Residence Design With Wood Material

Wood material usually became the choice for the people who want to have a comfortable and warm house. If you want to make a wooden house, you have to think about the suitable design which you can use.

The Morar Mais Por Menos 2006 is a residence design project by Juliana Lahoz which can be a good inspiration for you. In this project, wood become the main material for the house. With awesome design, this wooden house becomes more appealing.

Not only wood, but this house is also completed with many glass windows. You can see that the white wood wall is completed with wooden pillars and many wide glass windows. An open patio with hardwood floor is available in this house area. Rounded table is surrounded with some wooden chairs. A white canopy is placed in the center of this wooden table. This amazing residence design plan will give you high comfort.

Inside the house, you can see the rattan sofa with brown lather on it. Brown carpet is placed above the hardwood floor. A wide flat screen TV is placed in front of it. With the glass windows, you can see the outside view easily from your living room.

Wooden dining table is placed next to the living room. Brown chairs are placed around it. The L-shaped kitchen is available near the dining room. White cabinets and shelves are used in this space.

To reach the upper level, you can use the wooden stairs. Upstairs, there is a bedroom. Wooden bed with white lather and quilt is placed in this room. Some long rounded lamps are placed above the bed.

Going outside the balcony, you can see some wooden benches which can be your place to resting and enjoy the view. Wood becomes the material in this balcony. This brilliant residence design idea will make your living more comfortable.

Picture Gallery of the Comfortable Residence Design With Wood Material

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