Charming Space-saving Apartment Idea Created in Black and White Theme

Monochromatic consists of most famous combination color in this world. It has two tones, which are black and white. For some people they do not really want to apply this as the combination sometimes makes dull or lacking ambiance.

However, when people build space-saving apartment that is designed with two colors, each of them are balancing themselves. Therefore, people get aesthetic aspect and at same time with brilliant idea to save space for better neat arrangement.

Let’s check out bathroom design in black and white combination here. It has some wall areas covered in white tiles, whereas rest upper areas are painted in solely black nuance. Rounded sink is then paired with double circled mirrors, and there is single shelf made from light wood.

Meanwhile for space-saving apartment design in bedroom, it has white bed couch but then covered with black blanket and gray duvet. Moreover, black armchair is placed at corner, whereas some white cabinets are attached above headboard and painted in black background color.

Still in same bedroom arrangement, complete the monochromatic décor with light brown or khaki accent color. This is to balance out between two colors. Cover large sized glass windows in white frame with the brown long curtain.

Hang several pictures to get beautiful look, and then on ceiling also hang rounded pendant light. Meanwhile in hallway, black wall is paired with black tiled floors and black side table, which is added against floral printed wallpaper.

Kitchen does not get left out for black and white color combination. It has white skylight on ceiling area that gives room natural sunlight. Furthermore, cabinets and drawers are made from white theme, whereas backdrop wall is built from black bricks. Fascinating space-saving apartment design is seen from dining set too. It includes wooden table and chairs, along with transparent black chairs.

Picture Gallery of the Charming Space-saving Apartment Idea Created in Black and White Theme

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