Charming Modern Residence Decorated by Classic Accent

The design of modern residence should not be in the contemporary look with clear lines and shapes. It should not have the bright and neutral color, too. JLF & Associates, Inc has designed this valley Run to prove that modern home design can looks stylish with classical accent. The house arrangement is done in contemporary concept, yet the home decoration is in traditional style. This combination makes the house looks practical yet charming.

This modern residence interior is designed in modern structure. It has the large glass windows from floor to ceiling. These windows make the living room interior looks airy, bright, and open, just like the general concept of modern home. This living room is furnished with modern sofa in neutral color with cushions on it. Traditional carper is placed on this living room flooring. The sleek design of the wooden table and table lamp also presents the modern style.

However, classic chandelier is hung over this furniture. Traditional fireplace is also set in one side of the interior walls. The interior wall is painted in beige similar to the ceiling. Red brick accent is gives in every sides of the beige interior wall. The house exterior also shows the combination between classical style and the contemporary one. The basic design of the house appearance is in classical design, yet the sleek and bright color of the exterior elements give the style of modern home.

Traditional style is also presented by the dining room interior. It is furnished with a set of wooden chairs surrounding the large square table. Wooden cabinet in rustic texture is placed in the corner of this dining room. Modern pendant lamps are hung over the traditional table as if it crosses the era. Modern residence luxury is not only presented by the ultramodern design or artistic furniture, but it can also be produced by employing the classical accent, just like this Valley Run.

Picture Gallery of the Charming Modern Residence Decorated by Classic Accent

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