Build healty and natural bathroom design with indoor green plants

One of the main things that other people want to know about our house is the bathroom. Many people say that how the condition of a family bathroom, then that mirror their living conditions. Therefore, we need to make decorations for bathroom can create a positive image of the pattern of family life.There’s even a saying that home is the Song. In home we get a source of happiness. In every corner of the house is where we get all the happiness of our lives. Included in this is the bathroom. Therefore, we must create a bathroom decor in such a way as to give comfort to us when using them.Decorating the bathroom is very determine our self-image in the eyes of others, such as friends or our neighbors. The better we make our bathroom decor, the more positive impression of them and that means getting them to respect us.

The floor is the first impression that we see when entering the bathroom. For this, we can do some improvisation to look attractive and beautiful, certainly no less important is comfortable. In addition to these things, most importantly in this case is that we get with the health condition of the bathroom are arranged. For this condition, it can do the following:

To floor around the toilet area

For this area we can use ceramic floor with a smooth surface. This is related to efforts to create clean and easy when we do the cleaning process, especially to the moss and the like.With ceramic floor, then the pool of water that may exist can be dry or running at the expected position. Surely we should plan in such a way that the pool of water that is flowing and soon the floor is always dry conditions.The area around the toilet is prone to inundation because in this area is not specifically granted to the floor drains. For this reason, obtaining floor toilet area cultivated in dry conditions. And, ceramic flooring materials that are easy to dry.

For the floor around the shower area

For the area around the shower, it should be made of materials that have a hardness greater than in the toilet area. This is due to to prevent being slippery because always associated with water.In this case, maybe we can use the bundle broken stone with cement or ceramic fixed, but with a more rough surface texture. Using this rough floor, then the impression we get is a natural force. With broken stone, impressed the strength that was not created to make.

Role of Plants In Bathroom Decorating

Actually, in general, we recognize that the plant is helping us in creating the decor of every place. With the right decor, then somewhere, either closed or open will experience positive changes. People will be more impressed if we decorated the room decor of the plants that fit.Because of that, then we should add to the completeness of the bathroom with several kinds of plants. Surely in this case the plant should be in conformity with the functions and condition of our room, especially in this case is the bathroom. The existence of this plant is to display their natural impression.

One type of plants that are suitable for decorating the bathroom is kind of tongue-in-law or Sansiviera or swords. This type of plant is very special because in addition to a beautiful and attractive appearance, this type of plant has the ability to suck the pollutants in the air.

Sansiviera plant is very suitable to be placed in the bathroom because the ability to suck the pollutants, then those who use the bathroom and happened to like to smoke, the smoke can be inhaled by plants Sansiviera this. Therefore, for bathrooms that users many smokers, there is obligatory in this bathroom. Or, actually much better if we do not smoke while in the bathroom. No smoking is much more healthy than smoking because we avoid the ill effects of existing substances in cigarettes.By considering the existing conditions, then the effort to make a comfortable bathroom decor is one important thing for the image of a healthy life we ??can respond positively by everyone. This, once again we must realize because most people instantly assess the pattern of our lives based on how the condition of our bathrooms.

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