Brilliant Eclectic Apartment Featuring the Wood Interior

Have you ever considered the eclectic design? In fact, this design does not only combine two or more different styles. You have to consider the aesthetics aspect carefully as well.

Today, we will show you an eclectic apartment designed by Mabbott Seidel Architecture that features the combination of modern interior along with the wood element and traditional touch. This two-leveled dwelling is definitely something you have to consider seriously when you are about redecorating your home interior in unique yet beautiful way.

The upper level of this fabulous eclectic apartment named Hudson River Duplex features the spacious room that is used for the dining room, living room, and master suite. You can see the combination of the wood element which adding the rustic appearance along with the sleek and modern furniture and transparent glass detail as well.

Notice the brick walls as the wall accent where the beautiful arched design for the windows can be seen. Looking at the ceilings, you can see the wooden bars as well as for the columns. The clean appearance is resulted from the use of white paint for the walls, where the beautiful artworks are hanging as the décor.

The traditional nuance of the dining room adds the beauty of this eclectic spacious room. You can see the beautiful choice for the carpet in classic colorful print as to define the space for this dining room.

Rather than dying to be outstanding, this traditional space gets along in harmony with the living space that is equipped with comfortable white sofa as to enjoy the view of the Hudson River outdoors. The lighting within this space is also lovely, resulting in the cozy and heartwarming atmosphere which will make you feel comfortable to dwell within this space.

The lower level of this apartment is used for bedrooms, including the kid’s room. The fabulous eclectic apartment design for the kid’s space features the white interior with the hint of brick walls and wood columns. As to make this room looks playful, the colorful décor is added in the all-white closet.

You can also see the colorful wall décor is added for the bright and white kid’s bathroom. The wooden columns are decorated with colorful décor in animal shapes, as to make the kid’s room looks more playful and fun for kids.

Picture Gallery of the Brilliant Eclectic Apartment Featuring the Wood Interior

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