Bold Concrete House Box Interior Design as Tiny Building in Brasilia

There is a concrete house as a tiny house located in Brasilia, Brazil. The building is called as The Box House projected by 1:1 arquitetura:design as the compact and also cozy building design. The looks of the wall exterior design is in neutral grey concrete ideas. In this case, the building is situated in small home design resembling to box house. The shape of the house is in rectangular box design with glass combination.

Look at some pictures that are in this article. The first design is in the side look of the house with single wooden lounge seat on the lawn. The wall exterior design is made from the concrete materials that are unfurnished in neutral styles. The glass wall allows us to see the living room area covered by brown curtains. When looking at the glass wall design of the concrete house plans, actually the glass panels are used as sliding door design with steel pulls. The lounge seta that is applied on the lawn is concerted in striped seat with two tiny blue and brown designs.

The interior decoration of this building comes with neutral wall design with some wall decal in brown patterned wall design. The room is made in compact nuance to utilize the room space. The seating place in living room includes the medium striped sofa in blue completed with glass table and rattan chair including an artistic standing ornament. In same room, there is a cutting edge kitchen design in yellow cabinet and black countertop. The cabinet is designed in L-shaped cabinet with sophisticated kitchen appliances. The dining table is stylized at once with the counter in glass table with futuristic chairs.

Well, related to the design that is acquired in this house, what do you think of the design? If you want to get more ideas of the box home design, look at the pictures right here. The designs will relate to the compact and neutral design of the concrete structure. Now, let’s keep looking at concrete house plans designs that we share right here.

Picture Gallery of the Bold Concrete House Box Interior Design as Tiny Building in Brasilia

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