Beautiful Balcony Garden for Your Small House

Try to apply the idea of balcony garden for your hobby in gardening. Who said that you cannot plant some plants and flowers when you have just a small or narrow house? Yes, you can. Even, in a good arrangement, the garden will complete your decoration beautifully.

Let’s check some balcony garden ideas that you can find here. The first idea comes from Houzz. The designer builds a sculpture that adds dramatic atmosphere there. The colors of flowers: purple and red bloom beautifully. Moreover the bricks as one side of the decoration and comfort seat from rattan show the dramatic and artistic of this garden idea.

You can use a container to accommodate many varieties of plants like yellow and purple flowers with ornamental grasses and others. The combination of those plants in storage will show the wild theme you take for the garden idea. It is also a way to apply the European style into your house, especially the little garden.

Next, the third designer creates stripes motive in black and white to be an awning to decor the garden. It looks beautiful in simple and modern design. Moreover she designs an artistic idea for the barrier. Beside the function, you get the look and style from that design.

Remember about the sunlight. Your plants must get enough sunlight so they can grow perfectly. Also pay attention to the watering. You have to make sure that they get enough water to keep them fresh. You can place comfort seat there. While enjoying the beautiful scenery of your garden you can sit comfortably with drink your coffee at the morning or afternoon.

Are you interested to apply those ideas of balcony garden? It is useful for you who have a small place but still want to get the beautiful look of a garden. You can also consider balcony garden ideas vegetables as the other idea to be applied in your house.

Picture Gallery of the Beautiful Balcony Garden for Your Small House

beautiful Balcony garden with a stunning view with Wooden Deck Flooring DesignAwesome Balcony with modern planters with Green Plants Decoration ideasAmazing Balcony with a striped awning with Traditional Design IdeasSimple and stylish modern balcony garden idea with Green Landscaping DesignSensational Plants on a balcony with wooden details with Green Decoration IdeasPowerful Modern balcony garden in the rain Decorated with Wooden Flooring DesignNaturally Balcony garden with artificial grass with Small Design IdeasLovely plants on a compact balcony with Small Interior Decoration IdeasComfortable Master suite with balcony garden Used Beige Interior DesignBeautiful plants in a scenic outdoor space with Traditional Design Ideas

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