Bath Fittings & Accessories from Dornbracht

Are you a beginner in the bathroom’s renovation stage? You can find the interesting inspirations from Dornbracht. It has a unique design with the platform soaking tub. The neutral colors were played in the Dornbracht’s design. A black sink seems elegant with the combination of the grey theme. Especially the vertical pattern on the wall can enhance your mood while you take a bath.

A gorgeous theme appears in this modern bath. The using of bold pink as the color for the decoration will create a glamour impression. Plush details on the decorations will be a great option for you who seek the glorious design. The cheerful color shines in the bathroom now. The touch of yellow on the concrete floor and the double sinks will create a glamour impression. Plus, the using of brighter paint as the main color in a room will enhance the comfortable and warmth.

It’s time to the brilliant idea from natural stones. Let’s maximize your large space of a bathroom with the natural stones as material of the wall and shower bath. It also has a bathtub that you can use to relax your body.
The modern bathroom creates a natural lighting from the skylights at the top of the floor, so it brings a brighter illumination to the bathroom. The unique part is the shower floor design. It is a recommended design for you.
People need to relax their body while they can have a nice time to bath. Sometimes they need a simple design that’s not too crowded for the bathroom. So, Dornbracht gives a different style that has simple accessories, but still supports your needs and comfort.

Picture Gallery of the Bath Fittings & Accessories from Dornbracht


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