Awesome Plain Exterior and Interior: Concrete, Glass, Stone, Metal

What is crossed in your mind when crazy designer has mixed concrete, stone, glass and metal as one become basic for plain exterior and interior manufacturing project? Oh my…surely, you will down on your knees after notice the whole both of exterior and interior of this super strong and cool residence! If you are so much cherishes anti-mainstream architecture and interior design, of course you won’t miss off this edition. Please.

A house that will be eliminated today is present-day residence in Cape Town, South Africa. This is a house that comes from creativity and undead exploration of a South African-based studio, the Greg Wright Architects. This well-known firm has been chosen to build up a two level house that is famously dubbed as the Vk1 Residence. Starts from realize extraordinary construction, try to serve the best modern geometric house, remove the plain exterior door by changing it with the more trendy one, develop both of outdoor and indoor living space, plus include more and more unpredictable architectural ingredients within.

Basic construction materials that are used to build up this trendy residence include gray stone, glass panel, white concrete, textured concrete, a little bit wood and metal. Since you stand in the frontage, admire the construction and notice how beautiful it is, that is the best time for you to understand why concrete and white construction equally being popular nowadays. Floor, wall, ceiling and outdoor area, all of them are constructed by concrete. Well, part of wall, window and door for the indoor living space are the territories of glass element.

The gray stone itself is perfectly juggled as material construction for part of floor, ceiling, wall and basic for the staircase manufacture. Metal panels are the master for window and door frames, handrail and the pergola basic development material. If you have problem with plain hardwood exterior door, now you can collect transformation ideas to change it with glass to get more perfect plain interior and exterior performance.

Picture Gallery of the Awesome Plain Exterior and Interior: Concrete, Glass, Stone, Metal

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