Awesome House Interior With Wood Material

Wood is one of the natural materials which can be suitable for most interior. You can place the wooden furniture anywhere you want in your house. The wooden furniture will give the room natural look. You will also get the comfort with this furniture.

Olinda, Maui residence is the example of the wood themed interior which will amaze you. Made by Sandra Tengan Interior Design, LLC, this house interior will present you the calm ad comfortable atmosphere in a room.

When you see from the outside, this residence is not so appealing. With black wall and black roof, this residence looked so plain. But it will change when you are stepping inside. The brown theme living room will welcome you. Brown sofas with some wooden chairs are placed in this space. Wooden table is placed in the center of the space. This cozy house interior design will bring you more clam and comfort feeling.

On the wall side, you can see many wide wooden cabinets which are arranged tidily. Some ornaments are placed there. Brown rug with artistic pattern is placed in this living room. A traditional stone fireplace is completing the room. Wood framed windows are installed in many parts of the house. Marble floor makes this residence more natural. The antique black shelves are placed near the wall. Wooden doors with different designs are used in this house.

The classic lamps are hanged from the ceiling. As for the bathroom, you will see wooden furniture. Wooden cabinets are placed this space. White sinks are placed above the wooden cabinets. Above each sink, there is a wood framed mirror.

Between these two sinks area, there is another mirror area which is competed with flowerpot. Pink flowers are placed inside it. It sure is one of the best house interior design ideas which is used the natural material.

Picture Gallery of the Awesome House Interior With Wood Material

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