Amazing Tree House Design with Its Beautiful Nature

Have a comfortable home with luxurious facilities there is our desire, a house located in the lush hills in New Zealand; Tree House become a home that coveted every family. With spacious home more than 80 square meters, has a high and solid walls.

The house is located in the hills overgrown with wild trees are so comfortable and exotic. Therefore, the house is referred to as a tree house, because it’s parallel with the high trees around. Solid wood iron wall become a convenient wall and shelter in the wild nature.

Meanwhile, overlooking the ravine house gives you the opportunity to enjoy a tropical forest with green and tall trees. Beautiful Tree House provides fresh air for your own pleasure. Naturalness and freshness that will provide exceptional crisp clear your mind from this environment. While some parts of the wall as well as the use of glass walls and windows, it is meant to be able to capture all the beauty panoramic of nature around you.

Terrace deck becomes an interesting place. With wooden floors, unique couple of chairs becomes a comfortable place for you to breathe fresh air in the morning. This tree house accommodates a pair of comfortable bedrooms, a kitchen and dining room are exciting, it is located in the lower level, bedrooms and libraries looks a beautiful and it becomes comfortable place to be on the second floor. This convenient facility provided to give satisfaction to the inhabitants in the wild atmosphere.

The living room is directly opposite the window takes you into the thick forest in front of you. Glass wall bordered the room maximizes the lighting in this room so that this room is very comfortable and warm. Mini library with shelves luxurious become beautiful scenery in this room.

Meanwhile, the bedrooms are located on the second floor taking a screen in the form of decoration deer antlers attached to a wooden wall. Comfortable bedrooms are a comfortable place, with a glass wall so you can enjoy your sleep in this Beautiful Tree House Design while enjoying the natural beauty around you.

Picture Gallery of the Amazing Tree House Design with Its Beautiful Nature

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