amazing modern eco friendly home with design ideas

Pals,Now I will share picture about eco friendly house design with modern style and maybe can ive you some inspiration if you want build house someday .

Home sweet home , maybe we are familiar with this phrase . Indeed , home is where we come back after spending a day ‘s work . The house also be our place to rest and recharge our bodies and minds .The house is also the place where we spend time with the people we love and a place to make great memories in our lives . However , to get that kind of home , then , we have to do is make homes more environmentally friendly . Why ? Nature is part of our lives . Therefore , we can not turn away , leave or against it . By creating an environmentally friendly home , then , nature will be kind to us and we can live more comfortably .

there are 2 important things to create an eco-friendly home

One of the important things in the house is environmentally friendly lighting factor . In general , urban homes using light sources such as electric lights . This type of lamp will require a lot of electrical energy , which means , if we use it too often , then , it will have an impact on the level of pollution in our earth .

Many countries using power plants to fossil fuel powered generating electricity . When electricity use increases, the pollution generated from power plants is also increasing .

So , to prevent and reduce pollution from these sources , then we can do is set up our home lighting as friendly as possible to nature and the environment , by using the window .

Large window design that will help us to get a room light required and also saves electric energy . In addition, the incoming sunlight into the house we are also instrumental to kill the microorganisms that are harmful to us .

And , the heat carried by the sunlight will make the temperature in our homes to be more comfortable . It is very important , especially for us who stay cool highland area or in a subtropical climate . We will not require heating electrical energy consuming and generating more pollution .

If we still need an additional light source of electric light , we can also choose energy-efficient lighting , such as LED type lights . These lights are very much energy saving electricity , even some products that only use 10 % of the electricity needs of halogen lights that we use .

One example is a club in America , they use LED lights to illuminate all the room in the club and only requires a power of 3000 watts . Meanwhile , the club in general , require a power of 3000 watts just for the disco ball lights .

eco house Ventilation

In addition to lighting , ventilation is also important in eco-friendly homes . First , ventilation will play a role in the cycle of air exchange . It is important , in order to avoid indoor air pollution can be bad for our health .

In addition , ventilation is also a tool to regulate the temperature inside the room . So , we do not need to use the air conditioning or fan , if we feel the temperature in our room too hot . Ventilation can be vents , ventilation fan or if we wanted a simple , we can use our window .

Windows wide open during the day for air circulation running smoothly . In addition to the above two , there are many more factors that need to note to make environmentally friendly house design.

Picture Gallery of the amazing modern eco friendly home with design ideas

Solid wooden fence design in eco house with lighting decor in house facademodern kitchen design with hanging ornamentmodern eco firnedly kitchen design with warm lighting open space view beachmodern bathtub with black ceramic tile in open space bathroomlarge space house interior with natural nuance decorating with natural plantsenvironmentally friendly house design with glass fence beach view look romantic and beautiful in nighteco house design interior with indoor garden in the middle of modern houseeco friendly living room design with white carpet natural nuance with terrace ideaseco friendly bedroom design with terrace beach view decoration with warm lightingbackyard garden design with lighting ideas with steel fenceamazing outdoor living area and lounge space with black sofa furniture wooden floor plan

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