17 Strikingly Beautiful Modern Style Bedrooms

Most of people prefer a single bedroom with single furniture based on their needs than a crowded bedroom. It means that they love to have a freedom of movement and living space. This is about how to decorate the furniture based on our interest. If we want to have a brighter illumination without so many lighting’s, then we can apply more windows to let the sunshine going through into the bedroom.

Another bedroom that has a large space, but seems comfort at the same time by the using of a furry rug. The homeowner can apply a great painting to increase the artistic of a bedroom. And it will create a warm and Eco–friendly impression if we apply the wooden material for the furniture. Another elegant design comes with a different decoration. The position of cabinet follows the form of bedroom. To create the dramatic height of a bedroom, we can apply a cabinet that almost touches the ceiling.

A modern bedroom comes with the color blast. It appears from the blue color of the pillow and blanket, but the neutral colors still dominant in the bedroom. White is a visual trick to create a brighter illumination. For the addition, we can apply the table lamps and the lighting system at night. The using of marble material with the high gloss furnishing for the flooring creates a cool and clean impression. It reflects the lights around the bedroom, so it brings a brighter illumination at noon and night. We can apply the black touch of the furry rug and a bed spread.

A modern style of bedroom looks beautiful with the using of purple as the decoration. It creates a romantic impression of a bedroom. We can apply the contemporary chair as the furniture. Another interesting furniture is the purple motif of the headboard. To create a brighter bedroom, we may also arrange the wide glass window for the bedroom.

Picture Gallery of the 17 Strikingly Beautiful Modern Style Bedrooms


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