10 Living Rooms That Sport Style and Substance

The decorative bottles remind us with the scientific stuff. Talking about scientific stuff, we might think the scientist in the laboratory, with the chemical bottle and substance. We can apply the scientific decorative concepts, such as the chemical bottles and books to create an eclectic impression.

Having a hobby is not only to make you more interesting because you have something fascinating to talk about with your friends, but it is also to throw away your feeling bored. The unique part is, you can also apply the theme of living room based on your hobby. If you are into the sport, let say your favorite sport is playing chess, you can manage your living room based on the chess stuffs. The chessboard pattern on your carpet makes your living room more attractive. Black and white pattern becomes perfect with the using of wooden material for another furniture.

What it’s like to have a grass field in your living room? You may choose the grass rug to create a natural impression. The sunshine going through the full length of glass window makes the room looks brighter.
Warm, bright, and cozy. Your living room becomes attractive with the using of wide glass window design to reflect the outside look. Sofa is the most needed in the living room, because they are not only become matcher with all of your decoration, but it can support your activity in the room. Choose the neutral colour for the furniture and the pouffe as well.

Cream and brown colours dominantly cover the furniture in the living room. The using of pale colour creates an elegant impression and brighter illumination. Design and color are also a necessary aspect to consider when you want to put a property like the fascinating carpet. If possible you might be better choosing the same color for your sofa and the cushions.

Picture Gallery of the 10 Living Rooms That Sport Style and Substance


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